From Bad to Worse

I feel like the wind was knocked out of me Wednesday.
Once again, the MRI scans showed very very bad results.

Even though the large tumour in Emma’s Thalamus (central part of the brain) and the smaller, more aggressive outgrowths around the temples have not moved much, there is “significant growth” of the tumour in her cerebellum.

Compared to a few months ago, this area is almost doubled in size. I have outlined the area in red. (Left picture is now. Right picture is less than two months ago).

At this moment, the doctors have ONE more chemotherapy drug to try. One.

Let’s say that since it is the last one, it is not the one they feel is most likely to work on Emma’s tumour.

Unless something new has come over the horizon on the conference in Budapest her doctors are attending today and tomorrow, we’ve pretty much reached the end of the road as to what we can throw at her tumour.

Yesterday , Emma woke up early and in a great mood. She has no idea…