Emma has been growing increasingly tired the past weeks, and her energy to do things has just dwindled down to nothing.

Now, at times, she is struggling to breathe, it feels like she is fighting for every breath, and as a result her pulse is much higher than usual.

Finally, after fighting for it for weeks, we finally got a MRI this week. This was Tuesday.

Then came the results on Thursday.

Bad day.

Bad MRI results. Emma’s tumours are all growing.

Doctors have officially given up all hope of curing or even slowing down the tumour.

All treatments have stopped as they have proven themselves useless against her tumour and Emma is now on pallative care.

Our time with Emma is now extremely limited and we will do our best to make her comfortable and happy.

We need some time to land in this new reality and I humbly ask that you don’t call. We are reserving that for the immediate family for now.

Also, please don’t send links to potential cures you may have read about. We have done all we can do at this point and the ONLY thing you’ll accomplish is giving us anxiety and a feeling of not done everything in our power to help Emma.

We truly have.