One of the things I’ve occupied my time with here in Mexico, is to learn how to make assorted balloon animals to cheer up the other 40 or so kids that are here for the same cancer treatment as Emma.

I have never worked with balloon twisting, I learned a handful some 25 years ago, but since they are so generic, I figured I needed to up my game a bit.

Whenever we go to the hospital with Emma, I am taking some balloons with me, and here are a few of the designs I’ve started learning, to get away from “poodle, generic dog, dachshund, giraffe and sword” which were the only ones I could do prior to coming here.

Let me just say, that when you see a child that is so ill it has problems communicating with its surroundings and you know that its mind is still fully working, still fully cognitive, almost bouncing up and down from tiny convulsions caused by laughter, it is a very moving moment, and something I will keep on doing for any of these kids or their accompanying siblings that are here.

Next big issue is: Where do I get good quality balloons when I run out? 😮